Welcome to Alimentativa. An introduction.

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My name is Ron Franken and I established Alimentativa in 2004.

In the segment of FMCG, the company represents Ehrmann, one of Germany's most successful and international dairy companies, for A brand as well as private label. Clients for Ehrmann in Portugal include Auchan, Intermarché, Lidl, Minipreço and Teixeira Lopes. Alimentativa generally handles all aspects of the relationship with key accounts.


Alimentativa also acts as agent for organic and diet products from various countries: Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Spain and the UK. In Portugal, these products are distributed through Dietimport, Equanto and DeliNatura and sold by specialized health food shops such as Celeiro, organic outlets such as Biocoop and Espiral, as well as conventional supermarkets such as Auchan, Intermarché and Apolonia in the Algarve. For most of these products, Alimentativa also works in the Spanish market, where they are resold by local distributors Aikider bio, Natureco and Prasad.

Since the company is constantly in contact with its partners on new product introductions, and since it has projects in various stages of development, this website will from time to time, miss out on the latest news about Alimentativa, or be incomplete with regards to all details. For example, at this moment you will find many products on this site without any detail, simply because many changes have occurred too quickly lately to be registered here. My apologies upfront.


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